Alexander Hettena, Esq.

Owner, The Hettena Law Firm


Alex Hettena has over four years of experience handling debt collection cases.  He has represented all types of clients.

  • Fortune 500 Companies
  • Large Insurance Carriers
  • National Commercial Businesses
  • Regional and Local Businesses
  • Consumers


2012 American Express Power of Green Award Winner

Alex Hettena was honored to receive this prestigious, global award for excelling in the debt collections industry.


American Bar Association

Ventura County Bar Association

Commercial Law League of America

National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys

International Association of Commercial Collectors

Alex Hettena has the knowledge and understanding to properly handle any debt collection case in today's regulatory environment.  He has the perfect blend of collections experience, litigation experience, and business process management skills to handle your case.  Moreover, Alex Hettena has the drive, dedication and determination to see your case through to a successful resolution.

California Debt Collection Attorney

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